the gay windmill

The other day while I was being black and bored. I remembered one of my many weird and awkward job experiences that really got me thinking. I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s for about 3 years (sigh), and occasionally I would be put at the merchandise counter, which is the counter where people came to redeem their prizes. The prizes were little cheap toys that usually got lost or broken before the families got to their cars. And one day while I was working the counter a little boy came up with his ticket slip and was ready to redeem … Continue reading the gay windmill

they fired my black ass

So my last post was a rant about some drama that was going on at my job concerning an unexpected write up that my manager gave me. Picking up from where I left off, I said in the last post that I intended to have a discussion with my manager about the write up . I never got a chance to do so because they fired my black ass. So let me break everything down. The write up occurred on a Monday. Honestly it was completely unexpected. In the 2 months I had been working in the store, never once has a manger told me … Continue reading they fired my black ass

why i need my own shit

I have been an inspiring entrepreneur  since I was a kid. I have always dreamed off owning my own restaurant or hotel or  store —  something I could call my own. And working for other people makes me run faster and faster after my dreams. I have no problem answering to authority and I do so in a respectful way. But what I can’t take is answering to liars and assholes. In my young life I have had two jobs. And between those two jobs I’ve had many managers/supervisors/assholes I have had to work for. I could write novels about … Continue reading why i need my own shit