Dating happens…

I have never had a dating life. I feel like most if not all of the “relationships” I have formed with guys in the past have been based solely off of sex. I didn’t have sex with all the guys I would talk to, but the connections were only formed and maintained based off of sexual conversations. We didn’t talk about feelings, our families or even friendships. The topics of conversations were only nudes, bodies, sexual preferences – you get the idea. And I can’t say that I was ok with those types of relationships, but I did settle. I settled … Continue reading Dating happens…

Who can I run to?

I have no friends. None. I have people that I am friendly with and “close” too, but I would not consider anyone outside of my family (and not many people in my family) as my friend. Me being friendless is not something new. I haven’t had someone in my life that I would consider a real friend since the 4th grade. And that lasted all of about a year, so maybe we weren’t really friends after all. I am an introvert. So me being alone is not something that necessarily bothers me, it actually makes me happy. However, I do … Continue reading Who can I run to?

memoirs of an unemployed nigga PT.1 : F U 2 Sam’s Club

I’m baaaacck!! Wow, I can’t believe that this is going to be my first post this year. 2015 to this point has been rocky, but I’m still hanging in there, AKA: I’m barely grasping sanity with the tips of my blacks ass fingers. One situation in my life that has caused a lot of stress is job hunting. Flashback: for those who are new, last summer I was unexpectedly (and wrongfully) fired from my job at big box retailer, Costco. I wrote all about it here. So since I did not have a job to come back to during the … Continue reading memoirs of an unemployed nigga PT.1 : F U 2 Sam’s Club

fry my eggs without a damn attitude

Let’s get right to it. Bad customer service. I hate it. Especially if I am not giving any attitude or causing any type of problems. Yet the employee or whoever, is still the biggest pill. I understand everyone has a bad day and people might be in a bad mood. But if your in a bad mood EVERYDAY, then that’s not a mood, that’s just your stank ass personality. And you might want to get a job where you don’t have to deal with people. I’ve had jobs before where I had to deal with customers face to face. And I’m … Continue reading fry my eggs without a damn attitude

stop talking about yourself

My one pet peeve when texting someone…well I actually have many pet peeves when it comes to texting, but a BIG pet peeve of mine when I’m texting is people who only want to talk about themselves. Well I guess this applies for any type of conversation. Be it in person, over the phone, texting, whatever. I just taught about texting because recently I have been talking to this guy via text for about three weeks and I just realized that I have been interviewing this boy for three weeks. And I feel like this because I have noticed he … Continue reading stop talking about yourself