59th Grammy Nomination Predictions

A Grammy is certainly an honor to win, but like every other award ceremony in Hollywood, it’s a big popularity contest. Well, it’s not even a popularity contest per say because sometimes the winners are more questionable than popular.

The identities of the people who vote for the Grammys is murky, but every year music lovers pray they get the winner right. Being that the Grammy’s are a considered to be the highest award in the music industry.

Below are my predictions for the 59th Grammy Awards.

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A List Of Unorthodox Christmas Songs

Even though Christmas only comes once a year. Doing the same thing or listening to the same thing every year can make the holiday very stale. I have a mental list of songs that I never want to hear again, not because they’re bad, but because I’ve heard them so much to the point where I get irritated every time I hear them.

So it’s good to shake things up a little bit and add some non-traditional songs to your Christmas playlist that might re-up your Christmas spirit.

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Britney Spears Version 2003 Does “Slumber Party”

Since about 2008 there have been a few things we have come to expect from Britney Spears. Music drenched in auto-tune. Performances heavy on the hair whips and light on the footwork. And music videos that are well… boring. She hasn’t really given people outside her hardcore fan base much to root for. But every now and then she has a spark.

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