they fired my black ass

So my last post was a rant about some drama that was going on at my job concerning an unexpected write up that my manager gave me. Picking up from where I left off, I said in the last post that I intended to have a discussion with my manager about the write up . I never got a chance to do so because they fired my black ass. So let me break everything down. The write up occurred on a Monday. Honestly it was completely unexpected. In the 2 months I had been working in the store, never once has a manger told me … Continue reading they fired my black ass

foody: taco bell breakfast

When the news first broke that Taco Bell would  be serving breakfast I was at first filled with excitement and then with concern. I was excited because I love Taco Bell. Its cheap and tasty. Plus I just love Mexican food period. All of my Mexican friends says the Bell isn’t “real” Mexican food but I don’t care because it’s good for me and mostly because it’s cheap. My concern came when I thought about Taco Bell…..for breakfast. I can handle Taco Bell in the afternoon or at night — for obvious reasons. But I’m thinking who wants to start … Continue reading foody: taco bell breakfast

foody: the bacon insider

Since I’ve been having a hard time thinking of things in my boring life to blog about. I’ve decided to do a food review ! Exciting… Like most Americans I love food. Especially in four forms: Fried, Cheap, Greasy, and Fast.Which is why I’m such a huge fan of Jack in the Box. About 4 years ago, around the time when I had my first job, is when Jack in the Box began to bless my life. After a long, tiresome day at work and it’d be like 11 or 12 at night I’d need something especially fast and cheap … Continue reading foody: the bacon insider