Flashback: The Top Acts of 2007 – Pt.2

10 years ago in 2007, the climate of the music industry was ALOT different than it is today. This post is part 2 of a look back at the top acts of 2007. To see part 1 click here.

Keyshia Cole Was An R&B Powerhouse


Before there were Keyshia Coleslaw jokes — Keyshia Cole was the IT girl in R&B music. Her music was on constant rotation on both old school and hip-hop radio stations. She had the highest charting single of her career “Let It Go” on the charts and the most watched reality tv program ever to premiere on BET. The trajectory of her career was leading to something legendary.

Keyshia Cole’s career decline was slow. She just didn’t fall off, it was a slow fall. After her highly successful 2007 album Just Like You she since has released 4 more albums each less successful then the previous. Oh and she also got a Twitter a account.


As if the declining quality of Keyshia’s music wasn’t burying her career enough she had to throw extra dirt in the grave by taking unnecessary jabs at other artist. Going after Beyonce or anything Beyonce adjacent (Michelle) will never go well.

Taylor Swift Was A Rising Country Singer


2007 was the incline of Taylor Swift’s career. Her album came out the previous year and her singles were just starting to climb up the chart. This was back when Swift’s music was a more pure version of country.

It’s crazy to think of a time when Swift was not leading the pack. I was one of her early fans, my fandom has died down a bit since but I still enjoy her music. But if someone would have told me that she would be as big as she is now I wouldn’t have believed them.

Everyone Wanted To Sound Like T-Pain


By 2007 T-Pain had already made a couple of waves in the music industry but with his album Epiphany, he made a SPLASH. His music was inescapable. Everywhere you turned you were hearing “Buy U a Drank” or about his infamous use of auto tune. I remember downloading the T-Pain app on my first generation iPod Touch and trying to record a song. He gave hope to those of us who need a little help in the vocal department, that we too can have hit singles.

Since 2007 T-Pain released a few more albums, although none as successful as Epiphany and no single as successful as “Buy U a Drank”. Will T-Pain have a comeback? Eh Idk. He’s certainly a talented guy but I think his style of drenching his songs in auto-tune will not be received as well now as it was in 2007. We’ve been there done that.

Britney Spears Blacked Out


2007 was a year that I’m sure Britney Spears will never forget but probably wishes she could. She was in and out of courts and rehab facilities, shaved her head, had a public mental breakdown, and gave a cringeworthy performance at the VMAs.

But on the bright side she also gave us Blackout. Which I think is her best album. From start to finish it is a banger. It seems like artist always give us their best work during or after hard times in their personal lives.


2007 cemented Britney Spears in the history books of pop culture for all the wrong reasons. I mean it has been 10 years and she still can’t seem to shake the head shaving umbrella incident from her reputation.

Since 2007 Spears seems to just be going through the motions. Making music, making videos, going on tour, repeat. Luckily her personal life isn’t spiraling out of control in the public anymore but her music career seems to be spiraling down hill. It feels like she doesn’t enjoy performing or being an artist so she puts little effort into everything that she does. I’m not crossing my fingers for another Blackout because I doubt that is going to happen. I’m just hoping that she doesn’t taint the legacy she created in her prime with anymore halfhearted projects and performances.


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