Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Performance Was…

Memorable? Ehh

Creative? Ehh

Iconic? Ehh

Good? Sure

The Gaga factor of the biggest performance of Lady Gaga’s career was down, by a lot of notches. We have become accustomed to exciting, provocative and wildly creative performances from Gaga. So for me at least, this performance was disappointing. Not disappointing because it was bad, but disappointing because it wasn’t very…Gaga.


This performance was Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated and overdue comeback to pop music. So it would have been good for her to show what set her apart from all the other pop artist in the first place. And that is the fact that she is literally ART & POP. Her performances had themes, colors and were like a mini theatrical production. I saw none of that at the Superbowl.

She had 2 outfit changes. 2 outfits that were flashy yet basic. The visual effects were pretty basic too. She had a whole field to make her stage and did nothing really noteworthy with it.

I think when we look back on this performance in 5 or 10 years from now the only thing will remember is her jumping from the roof. Which was later revealed to be pre-recorded.


So, I think that Gaga kind of missed an opportunity to kick down the door back into the pop world. But nothing can take away the fact that she performed in front of millions and millions of people. So that alone is a boost in interest for her. However, unless she has another “Bad Romance” or “Poker Face” up her leotard and plans to release it really soon. I’m very skeptical that this performance will have enough power to resurge her career. But only time will tell.


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