Does Katy Perry Have Good Music? Her 30 Best Songs

Katy Perry is widely regarded as a “singles artist”. Someone who makes music just for the top of the charts. They don’t sing about anything of substance and aren’t particularly talented. They put little to no effort in lyrics outside of the chorus and only care about hit singles.

However, I would describe Katy Perry as a singles artist with a pinch of substance. Just a pinch. She’s edgy enough to attract older fans yet clean enough to keep her younger fans. She has strategically crafted her brand to achieve the musical success she has gotten year after year.

She defiantly caters to top 40 radio and would probably give away a kidney for a number one single. Because single artist need to be on top of the charts or they have no career.

But just because Kay Perry makes music for the radio doesn’t mean her music isn’t good. So I’m counting down the 30 best Katy Perry songs of her career.

30. “Peacock”

29. “It Takes Two”

28. “By The Grace Of God”

Remember when President Barack Obama introduced her to sing this song at the Grammys?

27. “Who Am I Living For?”

26. “Part Of Me”


25. “Dressin’ Up”

24. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”

23. “Hot N’ Cold”

22. “Waking Up In Vegas”

21. “Thinking Of You”

20. “Mannequin”

Back before Perry had her eyes completely on the charts. She created songs like this that were a little more personal.

19. “Walking On Air”

18. “Unconditionally”


17. “Legendary Lovers”

16. “This Is How We Do”

15. “Teenage Dream”

14. “This Moment”

This song is one of Perry’s better-written power ballads. The song has been stuck in my head from the moment I heard it years ago.

13. “Firework”

12. “Wide Awake”


11. “Not Like The Movies”

10. “California Gurls”


9. “Dark Horse”

This song unexpectedly rocked the charts and all of our ear buds. It even got airplay on Hip-Hop and R&B stations.

8. “Rise”

7. “The One That Got Away”

6. “Birthday”

5. “I Kissed A Girl”

When this song came out I don’t think anyone could foresee Perry being the chart-topping superstar she is today.


4. “Circle The Drain”

This track was sandwiched on an album that had so much fluff and bubblegum pop it’s almost like it never happened. But it did. And it’s amazing. I love the edgy, gritty side of Perry. She does pop-rock so well that she could easily take over that genre.

3. “One Of The Boys”

2. “E.T.”

I have talked to numerous people who say that they aren’t fans of Katy Perry, but LOVE this song, and I completely understand why. Perry perfectly used her voice as an instrument to do inflections and really sell the theme of this song. A++


1. “Roar”

What are your favorite Katy Perry songs? 


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