Flashback: The Top Acts Of 2007 – Pt.1

10 years ago in 2007, the climate of the music industry was ALOT different than it is today. This post is a look back on the top acts of 2007 and an update of what they’ve been doing since.

Avril Lavine’s album The Best Damn Thing was the top selling album globally in 2007 according to IFPI. 


Apparently, Avril Lavigne was snatching wigs back in 2007 and I missed it…I honestly don’t remember her being THAT popular around this time to the point where she would be burning up the charts.

I remember her having that catchy “Girlfriend” song. And then she released a remix featuring Lil Mama. I don’t remember how the remix goes but I also don’t want to be reminded…

Anyway, since Avril Lavigne’s alleged reign in 2007 she has released 2 studio albums that performed decently on the charts. She also had a brief marriage with the lead singer of Nickelback.

Mims, Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy Tell’Em all had number 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 


Out of everyone who hit number one in 2007 Mims is probably the artist who has fallen the farthest from that top spot. Nothing he has released since then has even amounted to a fraction of the success that “This Is Why I’m Hot” did. Hopefully, he saved some of those royalty checks.

Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” was the soundtrack for my summer in 2007. It was hard to not hear this song on any station. Since 2007, he has had some minor hits on the chart. Unfortunately, he hasn’t created anything as catchy as “Beautiful Girls”. I don’t really hear much about him. The last news I heard was something about him being involved with chains being snatched in a club. Idk…

I’m almost ashamed to think about how big of a deal everyone made Soulja Boy back in 2007. “Crank That” was the cream of the crop when it came to hip-hop songs that had a dance to them.

I remember coming home from school and Youtubing grainy videos of people dancing to “Crank That” in their driveways, trying to learn the dance myself. Teacher cranked that during pep rallies, people cranked that at church, politicians cranked that, EVERYONE cranked that! You could not escape this song. It was one of the few dance fads that I have actually enjoyed in my lifetime.

And Soulja Boy rode the wave of his success for awhile. I think him putting out projects so frequently after this smash hit was good because we didn’t have time to sit back and realize how terrible his music actually is.


Since 2007, musically I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of people aren’t checking for anything he is putting out. Good thing he has found a new calling in boxing?… Apparently, he is set to fight Chris Brown this year… for some reason. We all knew Soulja Boy was taking a step back in life when he decided to get a tattoo in the middle of his face, but being leveled by Chris Brown in Dubai might be a new low.

Lil Mama Was More Than A Meme 


In 2007, Lil Mama’s debut single “Lip Gloss” had her name on everyone’s lips.

It seems like the industry can only accept one female MC at a time and in 2007 Lil Mama was THAT girl. “Lip Gloss” is catchy, corny and has a dance, which is everything that a song needed in order to be a success in 2007. However, Lil Mama waited almost a year to put out the album for this hit single which resulted in the album fumbling on the charts. After that, musically, Lil Mama was largely forgotten.

Since 2007, Lil Mama sat in the Paula Abdul chair on America’s Best Dance Crew for a few seasons and had an episode of My Super Sweet 16…?

But unfortunately, she is most known for crashing Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s  performance at the 2009 VMA’s and for being a meme.


I think Lil Mama should change her rap name, get with some good producers and stage a comeback. Because the talent is there!

The Rihanna Regin Officially Began

Although Rihanna debuted 2 years earlier in 2005, “Umbrella” is the single that put her on everyone’s radar.

Since 2007, “Umbrella” is still just as catchy, Rihanna can sing it better and she her reign still hasn’t let up.



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