The (Loud And Usually Wrong) Ballad of Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is the youngest sister of music superstar Toni Braxton. In recent years she has stepped from out of the shadow of her eldest sister and created a platform for herself. A platform built on a shaky foundation, but a platform nonetheless. Tamar Braxton’s career and lifestyle are one of the many talented celebs that have fallen victim to the age of social media and reality tv.

Throwing Shade Like It’s Sunny

Tamar is probably most known for her OVER THE TOP personality. She’s a walking urban dictionary of gay lingo. She’s very animated and never turns down. Which for a while is entertaining, but then turns into being very exhausting. It’s just hard to believe that a 40+-year-old woman has a vernacular like a zesty 15-year-old.

The Real


Tamar was one of the original co-hosts of the panel talk show The Real. Tamar was fired after season 3 and her firing from the show caused a stir on social media. Honestly, I’m not surprised that Tamar got fired, I didn’t even have to watch any episodes of the show to know that she is too much for daytime television. Like I said before her personality gets very very old. After her firing, rumors started to stir about the reason she got fired. One of the reasons a few outlets suggested was that she didn’t get along with the other host or the producers of the show.

That leads me to my next point.

Twitter Fingers

Tamar can’t even get along with her own sisters. So it’s not very far-fetched that she can’t get along with her co-workers.

She had the longest most pointless beef with K. Michelle over some wigs. And she’s gotten into with countless other low-level celebrities over issues just as ridiculous.


She’s a public figure with talent yet she behaves like the typical reality tv star to get attention. She’s always chiming in on issues that have nothing to do with her, which in turn end up becoming about her, and usually not in a good way either.

The latest example is this Kim Burrell mess.  Tamar wrote a novel on one of her social media accounts that was very wishy-washy on the issue. And she’s been getting dragged ever since.

All of my criticism for Tamar comes from a place of hope. Becuase I truly hope for more for her, because I see the potential. But I honestly don’t think that she realizes her own potential so she acts in ways that she feels will get her the most attention.

Anyway, I really do think Tamar Braxton’s singing voice could have a comfortable spot in the music industry. If she would just turn down all of those other voices she is constantly using.


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