BINGED: Bad Girls Club 16 – Social Disruption

Back when I was in high school I watched the Bad Girls Club pretty frequently. The REAL purpose of the show is just drama and entertainment. But the made up purpose of the show is for self-proclaimed bad girls to be stuck in a house together and “work on themselves.”

Bad Girls Club Season 2

I haven’t watched BGC in some years. The classic moments that the earlier seasons produced are few and far between. Now, the cast members come on the show and try to produce themselves by adopting unoriginal phrases or reenacting what they’ve seen in earlier seasons, which results in the show being very unnatural.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who fell off the BGC bandwagon because the ratings for that last few seasons have dipped significantly compared to the earlier seasons. And the show hasn’t made a “disruption” on social media in years.

Pure boredom caused me to binge watch this last season and I have a few thoughts. Read them below.

The Good: 

Stephanie BGC 16

Stephanie: Stephanie is a good mix of normal and entertaining. I feel like throughout the show she was genuinely herself and didn’t adopt a “bad” personality to get more camera time like many of the girls do. Her quirkiness and the fact that she wasn’t always bitching about juice or sections at the club made her the most enjoyable to watch this season.

The Bad: 

BGC Season 16 House

The House: The house was filthy from day 1. It seemed like they didn’t have a dishwasher, garbage can or closets. Because dishes, trash and clothes were spread across the house every scene. I can only imagine how it smelled.

Also, the exterior of the house was horrible. I remember when the show was filmed in a beautiful pink mansion on top of a hill. The house this season was painted pitch black, with a tiny BGC logo on it and located in what looked to be the middle of nowhere. Budget cuts I guess.

Kailie: I felt bad for the bullying that Kailie endured during the first half of the season. HOWEVER, after all of that got worked out, her presence on the show was just draining.  She stayed wrapped up in dirty blankets while chain smoking cigarettes, it was depressing to watch. I think the only people who were entertained watching Kailie on BGC were all the people she bullied in high school. I would love to see my bullies get beat up on national television. I’m just sayin.

And then she became sickly with bronchitis after making out with random dudes in a dive bar. The moment the other cast members dressed up in trash bags and started spraying everything with Lysol was one of the only times I really related to them. Because if I was in the house I would have been doing the same thing, but it would have been 10 times more dramatic. Anyway, it sucks what happened to her in the house, no one should have to deal with bullying, even former bullies. But I was happy to see her go.

Elliadria BGC 16

Elliadria: I think Elliadria changed for the better after being on the show, which is rare. She started off as one of Kailie’s bullies but more quickly than any of the other bullies on the show she realized the errors of her ways and apologized to Kailie. Although, her being mad a Kailie for not physically fighting back while 4 people were throwing her belongings over a balcony is very stupid. On the flip side, I admire the courage she had to talk about her rape on television.

Brynesha: Her weird lingo was humorous and I’m almost ashamed to say how much I enjoyed it and have used it in my actual life since watching the show. I can’t SHA-Help it.

Brynesha BGC 16

She was a cross between being regular yet over the top. Her helping Kailie pack her stuff was extra and two-faced especially after she got mad at Zee for doing the same thing.

Kaila: I feel like the producers positioned Kaila to be the “main” attraction this season. Like the Natalie Nunn or Tanisha Thomas. They brought her in the house late and focused heavily on her conflicts and drama.

Kaila BGC 16

She cried about not being liked but didn’t make herself very likable. She was a bully in the house and bougie for no reason. I really can’t stand people who have high requirements for their significant other but bring so little to the table themselves. And that’s what I got from Kaila. Kaila wants a baller, she wants the high life and a man with a big bank account but has a shitty personality and no employable skills.

Her constantly picking on Kailie was strategic. She wanted to be the “baddest” in the house but needed to target someone who wasn’t very confident and physically much weaker than her. Lame. However, at the reunion, it seemed like she somewhat felt bad for what she did and is moving closer to changing her annoying ways.

The Ugly

Adryan BGC 16

Adryan: During the majority of Adryan’s time on the season she wasn’t good, bad or ugly. She was just there. She had her unfunny little news segment that she did in the confessional. And talked about how she desired to be some kind of host, but other than that she was just an extra on the season.

The UGLY part comes in when all of a sudden she started being a stone-cold bitch to the production crew. She was flipping them off and cursing them out. She became very defiant to the point where they kicked her ass off the show. Then at the reunion she had a super stank attitude towards Tanisha. It was so stank that she got her ass kicked off the reunion.

Girl, you desire to be in the industry that these people are currently working in. Why would you have such a nasty attitude towards them? You aren’t making a good name for yourself and are coming off very unlikable to the public. You have a radio show on Tumblr… this is the most exposure you have ever gotten on an actual media source and you chose to be an awful person on it. Girl Bye.

Adryan will never be a TV host because she’s rude and doesn’t speak well enough. Also, her weave was an eye sore the entire season. She said that stars don’t stay the whole time, the make an appearance and then leave. Girl, you were not the star of this show, you were barely a supporting cast member. Also, you didn’t choose to leave, you got the boot.Good luck with the Tumblr show.

Kandyce (Kandy): I have to put Kandy in the UGLY category because she called two innocent children gorillas multiple times on national television. She apologized, but she should have never said it in the first place. Children should never be brought into stupid Bad Girls Club drama. It is never that serious.

Kandyce BGC 16

And I think the main reason Kandy had some much aggression towards Brynesha was because she was embarrassed. She was embarrassed that she pushed herself on someone who didn’t want her back. Brynesha rejected Kandy on national TV and Kandy couldn’t handle it so she hit way below the belt. Kandy pumps up her confidence by saying she can “turn anyone lesbian” or “girls chase her”, but that’s clearly not the case.

Also, I felt like she spent the majority of her time on the show looking for her “moment”. I don’t fault her for fighting Kaila, but I think the conflict was premature. Kandy called herself sticking up for people, but her approach was almost all wrong. She took little issues or things that weren’t her issue at all and blew them up just to have a moment.


Overall, the Bad Girls Club is not a show I suggest binge-watching. It has more exhausting/boring moments than entertaining ones. Most of the time I was just thinking how trivial and unnecessary all the drama was. The producers did put a little spin on the show. I don’t remember the previous seasons showcasing the cast members “talents” or “callings”. But I think it’s counterproductive when in the very same episode, the ones wanting to do something inspiring in their career are dragging someone across the floor for gossiping about them. I can’t believe that these cast members REALLY believe that being on the Bad Girls Club is going to catapult their career. Not just because the show isn’t even popular anymore, but also because during the majority of the show the cast members are drunk and shown in the worse light.

I feel like the popularity and buzz of this show is so nonexistent, it’s not even worth it to go on and act a fool anymore because no type of opportunity will come from it.

I’m not interested in anything any of these girls are doing after watching this season because this isn’t a talent show. It’s not a show to see how strong or weak someone is. It’s a show where a bunch of grown women twerking, fussing and fighting every episode and that’s it.


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