Everything A College Student Needs For Christmas

Are you stumped on what to give the college student in your life for Christmas? Listed below are some great ideas for any college student.

Netflix/Hulu Gift Card

Make Netflix and Chill a little easier for the college student in your life by gifting them a Netflix gift card.

Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music Gift Card

A subscription to a music streaming service is a necessity for every college student. They come in handy when working out, long walks across campus, pre-gaming, studying and they also help save A LOT of money.


Hoodies and Jackets are perfect for those days when a student is running late for class and needs something quick to slip over their night shirt.

First Aid Kit

Alcohol pads, bandages, wraps, pain relievers, laxatives…

Pepper Spray

College campuses can be a little sketchy.


There is nothing more annoying than cheap earbuds. Unfortunately, that’s all most college students and afford. Gift your college student a good pair of earbuds this holiday season.

Snack Subscription Boxes

Snacks are just as important to college students as they are to toddlers.

Workout Gear/Clothing

Workout clothing was made for college students and people who workout. The attire on my college campus is sweatpants and basketball shorts year round.


Everyone ESPIECALLY college students can use more money.

Laptops and TV’s

If the college student in your life has been really nice this year.


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