Reality Briefing: Mariah’s World Part 1

Mariah’s World is a 8 part docu-series starring Mariah Carey. The series will document Mariah’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy European Tour and the planning of her wedding with now ex-fiance James Packer.

The series premiered this past Sunday and I just have a few thoughts.

Mariah is very rich. 

She’s draped in diamonds and wear gowns as if she’s going to a red carpet just to prance around her yacht or drink with her staff. Her lifestyle is very extravagant. So I hope the purpose of this docu-series is not to make Mariah seem more relatable and less high maintenance because I think it’s doing the opposite and maybe make her look “worse” in that regard.

I do however really think a lot of the extraness is meant to be very playful, but just in this first episode, I did get a little exhausted watching it. I have a feeling this docu-series is going to be an extended version of her infamous episode of MTV Cribs.

Mariah’s New Tour Assistant.

From the first episode, this assistant situation was the most interesting thing I saw. I think it’s kind of weird that superstar Mariah Carey hired a former waiter and dog walker to be an assistant for her on a world tour. I would think that someone who lives such a busy and extravagant lifestyle would need someone more qualified and less emotional.

A part of me also thinks that she was just added to the tour to add another storyline for the docu-series. I mean her struggling to lift a suitcase up some stairs and crying about not knowing how to hook up an Apple TV is very reality TV.

Mariah’s Manager: Stella

I like Stella. I remember when she was hired and there was a lot of negative talk about her. People were saying that she’s seeking fame and that she doesn’t have the best intentions for Mariah. But from what I’ve seen in part one it seems like Stella is the hard working hard ass manager that Mariah needs. She’s kind of like a “momager”. It looks like she gets full hair and make-up before showing up to work but still takes her job seriously.


Part one of Mariah’s World wasn’t really all that revealing or even entertaining, but I think the series has potential. I would like to see more surrounding the planning of the tour. I want to see the details like Mariah go into the control room and choosing the lights and camera angles if she does that like she said she does. I also would love to see her in the studio writing and recording music. I think seeing her do things that she is actually interested in makes for a lot better television than hearing about her talk for 15 minutes about being scared of being lifted in a love seat.

Judging from part 1 I think that Mariah’s World is going to be more of a treat for her hardcore fans than anything else. However, I’m sure there will be some moments that are worth watching. Darlinnngggggg. 


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