Reality Briefing: Real World Seattle Bad Blood Ep.1-6

So out of pure boredom and curiosity, I decided to check out the latest season of the Real World.

I haven’t watched the Real World in a few years. The last season that I watched the majority of was Portland and before that was probably Cancun in 2009. However, I used to be somewhat of a Real World/MTV fanatic. But I fell off of the Real World train in particularly because the program just fell short almost every aspect of what makes reality tv entertaining in this decade.

In recent years, MTV has been trying to revamp the show by adding  unexpected twists that are supposed to shake things up among the cast. Twist like, bringing in the cast members exes or people who they’ve had problematic relationships with in the past. The last season, Go Big or Go Home, seemed like a Real World/Road Rules mash up. The cast had to compete in physical missions.

The Bad Blood

So the producers are making an effort to make the otherwise boring show more interesting, but I’ll talk more about that in a future post. Anyway, the twist in this season is that the roommates are being put in the house with people the have “bad blood” with. Their exes, former friends, family members,etc.

The original cast themselves is not that interesting of a bunch. They club, they eat, they work out and they hook-up. That’s about it. But them paired with their “bad blood” makes for a fairly interesting TV show.

Below is some comments about the cast and certain situations in episodes 1-6.

Tyara’s  Accent and Being Bullied 

Kimberly & Tyara

Tyara has an English accent because she claims to have grown up in England, but she was born in Georgia. However, her bad blood Kimberly Johansson a former high school bully claims that the accent is fact.

I think out of all the storylines on this season THIS one is the one I want to be resolved before the finale. After LISTENING to Tyara’s accent and watching her mannerism in the house I think that she is the type of person to do ridiculous stuff to get attention.

She’s defiantly the resident brat this season. It seems like the  other cast members have to tip-toe around their emotions because she’s like a ticking time bomb.

The Katrina, Anna, Peter situation 

Katrina & Anna

From the start, Anna rubbed me the wrong way. I think she’s overly confident, borderline cocky. The fact that she not only thinks but says aloud on cable television that any guy would have sex with her says a lot about her personality. And explains why her sister Katrina thinks that most of who she dates are fuckboys. Speaking of fuckboys, Peter is the resident fuckboy stealing Anne’s heart, kinda.

Anna defiantly needs to listen to Karina and not get involved with Peter. He’s dumb and he’s only interested Anna because she’s convenient.

Jennifer and Peter

Robbie and Jennifer

Jennifer girl, what are you doing? I never understood people who have relationships and then go on television to cheat on their partners. So not only is your relationship ruined but so is your reputation. And to make it worse you cheated with Peter. If any man in Jennifer’s future never trusted her that would be 100% fair. That’s what you get when you cheat and embarrass your partner on television. How inconsiderate can you be?

Jordan and Orlanda

These two ladies let a penis come between a 5-year friendship. A PENIS!

Anika and Will

Anika and Will

Anika is the resident ghost castmember.Her bad blood is her ex-boyfriend Will who is one drunk hook-up away from being just as uninteresting as her. Anyway, the root of their bad blood is because Anika is mad the Will had a baby with another woman after they broke up. What?

Why would Anika be mad that Will moved on and lived his life after he broke up with her? If she’s not just being big mad, her problem with Will certainly has to do with jealousy. Maybe Anika wanted to be the baby mama of someone who was about to have a threesome with 2 interesting looking women on television. I don’t know. But If a guy would go off and get some random lady pregnant, the ex shouldn’t be mad about anything. She should be relieved she didn’t get tied up.

The Real World Seattle Bad Blood isn’t must-watch TV, but it is very good TV I have to admit. The concept is stupid, but that’s exactly what the Real World needed to compete with today’s reality tv. If I could add anything to the show it would defiantly be Iyanla Vanzant. I would make her live in the house. Her walking around the Real World house with her hair wrapped in a moo moo counseling and giving full on church lady hugs all day would be reality TV GOLD.


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