Britney Spears Version 2003 Does “Slumber Party”

Since about 2008 there have been a few things we have come to expect from Britney Spears. Music drenched in auto-tune. Performances heavy on the hair whips and light on the footwork. And music videos that are well… boring. She hasn’t really given people outside her hardcore fan base much to root for. But every now and then she has a spark.

And I have noticed more and more sparks since she started her residency in Vegas. Vegas has been like performance rehab for the star. Her lip syncs have been more on point. Her movements aren’t as delayed. She’s improving in almost every aspect of her career.

Her latest music video “Slumber Party” comes from her album Glory, which barely generated any buzz. The only real promotion I think she did for it was her performance at the VMA’s. It’s sad the album didn’t receive much recognition because I think it’s her best album since Blackout (2008). And Slumber Party is one of Britney Spears best songs in recent years.

Spears took the sound that is popular today and put her personal style on it. Her voice isn’t swamped in auto-tune, it’s actually recognizable. The lyrics are sexy and sensual.And Tinashe is a good addition to the song. She’s a budding artist, someone who I think is on the brink great success, so her contribution to “Slumber Party” is great for both artists.


But the music video is what takes the single over the top.

From start to finish it had my attention. Tinashe and Britney both looked amazing and had outstanding chemistry. And it’s been a long long long time since choreography has been a highlight of a Birtney Spears music video, but this time is was. 10’s across the board!


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