Fast And Fatiguing: My Adventures​ Working In Fast Food

Over a year ago I got a job at the fast food restaurant that is across the street from the university that I attend. From the jump, I was skeptical about the job because I got hired so easily. Like almost too easily. After about 2 questions I was pretty much told that I got the job.

Flash-forward to a month later and I realized that they pretty much hire anyone because no one stays longer than about a month. Because it’s fast-food and it sucks.

The restaurant I worked at was kind of like Chic-Fil-A except not as tasty and not as homophobic (I think). The menu was very very basic.So the actual job itself wasn’t hard. But the conditions of the job made it hell.


This is my third job and no-shows have been a problem at each and every damn one of them. But this job was defiantly the worst. Every shift I worked (and I worked ALOT) we would be lucky if only 1 person didn’t show up, but more than likely multiple people called in. So not only did I have to do my job, but also 3 other people’s job too.

People keep telling me the reason why there are so many call-ins are because this is a college location and college students are busy. I call BS. The reason there are so many call-ins is because of pure laziness. And the job does suck, there was almost nothing fun about it. But if you hate it enough to call in every other shift than quit. Stop making it hard for everyone else who actually shows up to work.


I jump when frying turkey bacon, I don’t fuck with grease. So I hated-hated-hated working around pools of it every other day.

The smell gets in your pores, in your clothes, your hair, everything on your person just by standing in the kitchen. Then you have to drop food into the grease which causes the grease to splash.


I still have bruises on my arm from hot grease popping on me over a year ago. And this isn’t the little sparks that pop on you from cooking turkey bacon in your skillet at home. This is super hot drops of grease. And the worst part about it is that when you get burned there is almost nothing you can do about it.


When I would be working over the summer I felt like I was working in satans belly. It would be so damn hot in the kitchen to the point where I would be dripping sweat. Sometimes I would volunteer to go take out the garbage in 100+ degree Texas heat just to get some fresh air.


It would be so hot the flies in the kitchen would die in mid-air. Seriously. 



At first, when I started working at the restaurant I thought that having music play over the loud speaker would make my shifts more enjoyable, but it did the complete opposite. Having to hear the same sad,  middle of the road, pop music is so annoying. They played every minor hit of almost every white top 40 artists at least 2 dozen times every day. It got old, really fast.

And what was even worse was when employees would literally scream along to the songs in the middle of a cramped, hot kitchen. Cause that’s funny right…



At this point in my work career, I have just accepted the fact that managers do the least amount of work yet they get paid the most. So all I can do is sigh.


My war against smoke breaks has been going on since my first job. I have never understood why it’s okay for an employee to go outside for 10-20 minutes, on the clock, for a smoke break, but it’s not acceptable for a non-smoker to relax for the same amount of time.

I worked with a lot of smokers and every other hour they would be outside huddled up around the trash can for 20 minutes while everyone else was inside doing their jobs. If smokers want to take a smoke break they should have to clock out and then go to break, like everyone else would have to.


At one point during my employment at this restaurant, I was taken into the office and told that I would be fired if I showed up late one more time. Admittedly I would show up a few minutes late because I suck at showing up on time for stuff. BUT yall are really getting on my ass for showing up 5 minutes late when you have at least 10 people employed here who take a paid hour break every shift because they’re smoking outside.



During training for this job the trainer spent a lot of time lecturing about how they only use the highest quality ingredients and how the food is made with love and fairy dust. And most importantly: never sacrifice quality for speed.

All that shit when out the window day 1. 


I honestly don’t really even think the quality of food is in the top 5 of things fast food companies are concerned about. They want people in and out. In under 2 minutes. I worked with one guy who would pull food out the grease minutes earlier than it should have been just so we can have a good average drive-thru time.

I think the majority of customers would rather wait in line for 5 minutes then get sick or die from eating undercooked chicken. I’m just sayin. 


Fast-food sucks. In almost every way. The workers deserve all 15 American dollars they are protesting for and on some days even more than that. I have gained a whole new respect for service workers. And a great disgust for people who are picky assholes at restaurants.




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