Ciara’s music isn’t THAT bad.

It seems like Ciara’s name is synonymous with phrases like, “can’t sing” and”just model”.

Which I don’t think is entirely fair, because Ciara has some gems in her catalog of music. And due to the fact that Ciara’s album sells are so low, it’s safe to say that many people have not heard most of them.

But let’s be real. Ciara doesn’t have the most pleasant singing voice. She can give us a good dance tune, but anything even adjacent to a ballad is usually a disaster. 467958440-jpg

I don’t think Ciara should just give up on her music career. She just needs to make the RIGHT kind of music. And the right kind of music for her is something mid/fast – tempo, with a nice moving beat.

Below I have listed the best songs from all 6 of Ciara’s album. Give them a listen.

Goodies (2004) – Goodies, One Two Step, Thug Style, Oh

Ciara: The Evolution (2006) – Like a Boy, Promise, Can’t Leave Em’ Alone, Get Up

Fantasy Ride (2009) –  Ciara To The Stage, Love Sex Magic, High Price, Like A Surgeon, Lovers Thing

Basic Instinct (2010) – Ride, Gimmie Dat, Heavy Rotation, Yeah I Know,  Speechless, You Can Get It, Wants For Dinner

Ciara (2013) – I’m Out, Sophmore, Body Party, Keep On Lookin’, Read My Lips, Super Turnt Up, DUI

Jackie (2015) – That’s How I’m Feelin’, Lullaby, Dance Like We’re Making Love, I Bet

It’s unfortunate that as Ciara loses popularity the quality of her music is improving. (with the exception of Jackie). She is slowly refining her musical style and learning how to package and deliver her brand. At this point in her career, she and her team should know what works and put the majority of their energy behind that. I’m not suggesting she not try anything new, but stop trying old things that don’t work. Like ballads.


Her self-titled album Ciara is certainly her best project to date. And the biggest aspect that makes it her best is its cohesiveness. Ciara albums are usually somewhat desperate attempts to have hits in every genre of music, instead of sticking to her sound and letting the music do what it does. She has that Nicki Minaj syndrome, where she wants to do everything, instead of just doing one thing really well.

Dare I say it, Ciara is underrated. Not extremely underrated, but she does deserve a lot more recognition than what she receives.


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