Kanye West and Donald Trump have a lot in Common

Kanye West and Donald Trump have a lot in common.

They both love Kanye West.

Who loves Kanye West more than Kanye West? And Donald Trump is also a YUGE fan.

They both love Donald Trump

Donald Trump can do no wrong in Donald Trump’s eyes, as we have seen over the last 2 years. Kanye West also has deep admiration for the president-elect.

They both are married to women who…are themselves for a living

The biggest accomplishments both of Kim and Melania can put on their resume is being a mother. And even that is debatable.

They both hate award shows

Kanye is notorious for throwing tantrums during and after award shows. And Trump calls every competition he doesn’t win “rigged”.


They both don’t like George Bush

Donald Trump’s relationship with the Bush family is hostile, to say the least. And who can forget Kanye’s passionate, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” rant during a Hurricane Katrina telethon.

They both have beef with Jay-Z and Beyonce

Trump had less than complimentary things to say about Beyonce after her first super bowl performance in 2013. He also had an issue with the power couple campaigning for Hilary Clinton.

And after Kim Kardashians robbery fiasco, Jay-Z called the couple to see if everything was ok. And of course, that wasn’t enough. Kanye also claims to be hurt by Beyonce allegedly telling MTV that she wouldn’t perform unless she won video of the year over Kanye.

They both desire to be president

Well, unfortunately, Donald Trump will be president and Kanye West claims to be running for president in 2020…

President Kanye West sounds crazy as hell, but Donald Fucking Trump is the next president, so anything is possible.


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