Material Boy: Bruno Mars 24K Magic Album Review

Bruno Mars sings about jewels, sex, dark liquor and thick thighs on his funky 3rd studio album 24k Magic.

Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

If there is anything we can expect from Bruno Mars, it’s consistency. Since his debut in 2010, Mars has given us hit after hit. Mega hits to be exact. The quality of his voice and his style of music is something that is missing from mainstream music, so he’s kind of in his own lane.

24k Magic is a smooth 33 minutes. Which makes it a great playlist for servicing those chunky one-night stands with a quickie after the club, like Bruno sings about.


Good- Chunky, That’s What I Like, Straight Up & Down, Finesse

Average- 24K Magic, Perm, Versace On The Floor, Calling All My Lovelies

Bad- Too Good To Say Goodbye


24K Magic is a step in a different direction for Mars. Whether it is the right direction has yet to be seen, but my guess is no. Don’t get me wrong the album is not horrible, hell it’s not even bad. I love the sound and soul that he has added to this record, but the lyrics are very cliche. They’re catchy and hip, but not timeless. Bruno definitely got inspired by his mega hit “Uptown Funk”, which is why there are a few different versions of it on the album (cough, cough). And this is the era of big booty hoes and not the era of making passionate love by the fireplace, so what else should we expect. I am a little harder on Mars because we’ve seen his potential and talent. So I was expecting something a little closer to timeless and a little less 2016. If anything 24K magic is the pre-game soundtrack for the next couple of years. 

Overall, 24K Magic is about as magical as bumping and grinding at an after hours club. So it just depends on how many drinks you have. 


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