A List Of Holiday Don’ts

Here is a short list of things NOT to do when celebrating the holidays this holiday season.

Don’t Post Your Plate On Social Media

The internet has NO mercy and a lot of opinions. They don’t care about your dear great  aunt slaving in the kitchen for hours preparing your favorite dish, if it looks like crap, they’ll tell you. And even if it doesn’t look like crap, the internet will surely find something wrong with it.  You don’t want to spend half of your holiday defending your food.


Tyra Banks nasty plate. 


Don’t let your plate become a meme. Pictures taken far away are fine, but up close shots are a recipe to getting dragged.

Don’t Get Too Much Food At Once

This is the “don’t” that I have to work on the most. My eyes are defiantly bigger than my stomach, plus I feel like I have to try EVERYTHING. So what happens is I pile my plate with food, eat only half of it and then smash my plate top down in the trash. One of my nosey family members is bound to be watching  me and usually calls me out.

So in order to avoid hurt feelings because you didn’t eat all of your dear aunt’s corn casserole. Only get a little of each dish at a time.

Don’t Talk About Politics

Leave problematic conversations about politics on Facebook and not the kitchen table. (I HATE FACEBOOK).


Don’t bring Cheetos to the dinner table.  


Avoid awkward moments and controversial political views by not talking about politics AT ALL. My new favorite ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, created a foolproof list of ways to avoid talking about politics. 

Don’t Investigate People’s Relationships

Don’t pry too much into people’s relationships. This can get very awkward for EVERYONE. If you really want to know why someone’s man didn’t show up ask those type of questions in private, on a different day.

Don’t Play Monopoly 


Monopoly is too damn long and someone always gets mad. Don’t play it.





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