Oh shit…Trump is OUR problem now.

This week has been a very strange, weird and emotional week for me and probably any other free thinking American as well. Donald Trump was elected president of the United fucking States, and it feels like a nightmare.

I guess I am a lot more naive than I thought I was because I would never have thought that in 2016, America, the home of the “free”, would elect such an overtly bigoted person to be president.


Since Trump announced his campaign for the presidency I have been delighted to see him make all the other actual republicans squirm, as he steamrolled his competition.

He talks in circles, he has no concrete policies or plans, he displayed anything but presidential behavior. His campaigning was ghetto. Many republican politicians hated it (allegedly), but the majority of republican voters loved it. Whether they want to admit it or not.

But I was very sure, even confident, that when I came down to the vote that mattered; Trump would not come out on top.

Trump and his honky-tonk supporters split my wig in half.


In the days leading up to election day, it seemed like everyone was bracing themselves for a Trump loss. Even Trump. Which is why I think he came up with his “this election is rigged” argument to cushion his fall.


Even the CNN coverage on the evening of election day was mostly discussing all the ways Trump was going to lose. Ed Rollins, the chair of the pro-Trump Make America Great Pac was quoted by CNN saying it would take “a miracle” for him to win.

A lot of Trump supporters were ashamed to be Trump supporters. And they should be. Trump is racist, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic…the list goes on and on. And on top of all of that, he knows nothing about politics.

It wasn’t too long into the election coverage before I began to get a knot in my stomach. Hillary was behind for most of the night and it didn’t look like she had many realistic ways to get ahead. Periodically the camera would show Clintons headquarters and pan over the sea of supporters standing behind the barricades, most in awe like they just saw a ghost. That’s when the whole situation started to set in. Trump Won. And he is OUR problem now.


He’s no longer just a joke or meme. America (white America mostly), gave this creepy, hotheaded, immature, twitter bully, the nuclear codes.

A lot of things in the future are uncertain because Trump is a notorious flip-flopper, but one thing is for sure. Trump’s presidency will be a shitshow.

The fact that he was overtly awful has fueled his supporters to act the same way. He’s not even in office yet and hate crimes are already on the rise around the country.

His platform is shallow and it’s only a matter of time before his supporters start turning on him. And that will be the only exciting thing to look forward to in these next 4 years.


However, seeing all of the anti-Trump protests around the country does give me hope for the future. I love seeing people fight bigotry. And it’s important to send a message to all the prejudice Trump supporters out there that this isn’t the 1950’s and we won’t take hate lying down.


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