Lady Gaga’s album “Joanne” is good ENOUGH

Lady  Gaga has finally made her return to pop music, after making what seems like a dozen albums with Tony Bennet.

She hasn’t released a pop album since 2013’s ARTPOP, which got a rather lukewarm reception both critically and commercially.

I can’t really put my finger on why ARTPOP turned into ARTFLOP, because I think it’s a great album. ARTPOP is on constant rotation on my playlist. The album is wildly creative and Lady Gaga’s best album to date.Yes, I said it, I think Artpop is Gaga’s BEST ALBUM; I encourage everyone to give ARTPOP a listen.


If Lady Gaga has proven anything in her career, it’s that she’s certainly not a one trick pony. We were introduced to her as a dance-pop weirdo, who wore eccentric fashions, that sometimes overshadowed her actual music. Since then we’ve seen her adopt a more modest attire and tackle numerous genres, including jazz, jazz-pop, and electropop. She’s proven that she’s deeper than the generic pop music she debuted with and is one of the more talented and well-rounded mainstream artists out today.

The Birds Nest


Joanne’s sound as a whole is a pop-country-rock fusion. It’s great that Gaga has so much range, but the album is incohesive.

After listening to it 3 times the only song that I felt like I needed on heavy rotation is “Come To Mama.”

However, “Diamond Heart” and “A-YO” are gems.

I’ve been listening to”Perfect Illusion” for about two months now and it still doesn’t really stick. I think it’s  a good song, but it’s just too loud. And I’m still dizzy from watching the music video.

Great- Come To Mama

Good-Diamond Heart, A-YO, Dancin’ in Circles, Perfect Illusion

Average-Joanne, John Wayne, Million Reasons, Sinner’s Prayer, Hey Girl, Angel Down, Just Another Day (Deluxe Edition)

Bad- Grigio Girls (Deluxe Edition)


Joanne is good ENOUGH. It’s not the return to “mainstream” music that I was hoping for or expecting, but it’ll hold me over until her next album…Or Katy Perry or Taylor Swift’s next album. 


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