RIP Vine

Today Twitter announced that it would be shutting down Vine. 

When I heard of this announcement I defiantly poured out a swallow of my pumpkin spice latte, because Vine deserves it.

I used to LOVE Vine.

I would spend hours on top of hours, scrolling through the app watching random cat videos, or old people dancing to whatever dance craze was popular at the time. Vine was revolutionary and very popular for a while. A lot of Vine users were funnier and more creative than people who get paid for a living to be funny and creative.

Vine defiantly had its moment.

Now I’m not an app expert, and I haven’t studied the Vine stats and charts. But I think Vine fucked up big time when it banned porn.

Around 2014 at the peak of Vine’s popularity, a video of a boy fucking some type of pizza pocket made national news.

After that Vine decided to ban “explicit sexual content.”
They said that banning this content wouldn’t affect 99% of the vine users, which I think is a lie.

Vine had a BIG user base of people who posted their naughty bits. It was certainly more than 1%. I mean you were always just a scroll away from somebodies genitals.

And the policing of this new policy was terrible. People were getting their accounts deleted for posting shirtless videos or videos of them in their bathing suits.


Also, Instagram was doing Vine better than Vine

In 2013 Instagram started allowing users to post 15-second videos to their feeds.
Looking at this feature from the point of view of Creative.
15-Seconds allowed them a lot more to work with regarding sketches, rants, or those annoying singsong guitar videos.

And by the time Instagram started allowing 1-minute videos Vine was at least 5 feet under.

So rest in peace Vine. You were entertaining while you lasted.


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