Fast And Fatiguing: My Adventures​ Working In Fast Food

Over a year ago I got a job at the fast food restaurant that is across the street from the university that I attend. From the jump, I was skeptical about the job because I got hired so easily. Like almost too easily. After about 2 questions I was pretty much told that I got the job.

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Dating happens…

I have never had a dating life. I feel like most if not all of the “relationships” I have formed with guys in the past have been based solely off of sex. I didn’t have sex with all the guys I would talk to, but the connections were only formed and maintained based off of sexual conversations. We didn’t talk about feelings, our families or even friendships. The topics of conversations were only nudes, bodies, sexual preferences – you get the idea. And I can’t say that I was ok with those types of relationships, but I did settle. I settled … Continue reading Dating happens…

Alicia’s new groove x Here album review

The methods Alicia Keys used this time around to promote her album were different and at times awkward (see 2016 VMAS). Leading up to the album release there was more conversation about her make-up free look and her stint on The Voice than any of the promotional music she had put out. So Here had a pretty soft arrival. Here is an experimental album for Keys. It’s a departure from the heavy, piano-driven anthems she’s put out in the past. I would call it spoken-word R&B. It’s very 2016 in theme. Keys sings (and raps) about police violence, blended families, gender roles and civil rights.To … Continue reading Alicia’s new groove x Here album review