Top 5 Tracks of the Week.

This is a new feature that I am adding to the blog. Every Friday I will post the top 5 songs that I have been jamming to the most in the past week.

In no particular order:

Big Freedia – Y’Tootsay

When Big Freedia’s album “Just Be Free” came out in 2014 to be completely honest the only song I was really feeling was the final track “Mo Azz”. This week I decided to give the album another listen. And I un-expectantly fell in love with Y’Tootsay.
Shake Ya Y’TOOTSAY!!

Lady – Yankin

I don’t have an explanation as to why I enjoy this song so much. I’m almost embarrassed to like it like I do. But if I had a vaginal cavity I feel like this song would be on its soundtrack.

Fifth Harmony – All In My Head (Flex)
I thought my girl group days were over, but dammit Fifth Harmony got me!

The group is cute. Besides, the rumors that some of the members are racist…I dig 5th Harmony.

Young & Divine – Game Girl

This song was featured on one of Spotify’s playlist and immediately I was hooked. I believe the group that performs this song are a relatively new group. I couldn’t find much information about them online.

The Wiz – Emerald City Sequence

The Wiz is one of my favorite films, black or otherwise. And I love the moaning noise the woman does at the beginning of the red sequence.

What were your favorite songs this week? 


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