Who can I run to?


I have no friends. None. I have people that I am friendly with and “close” too, but I would not consider anyone outside of my family (and not many people in my family) as my friend.

Me being friendless is not something new. I haven’t had someone in my life that I would consider a real friend since the 4th grade. And that lasted all of about a year, so maybe we weren’t really friends after all.

I am an introvert. So me being alone is not something that necessarily bothers me, it actually makes me happy. However, I do sometimes enjoy the company of others.

And right now I am torn between whether I expect too much from people or are people just full of shit?

Let me go over my expectations.

I expect people to give a shit about conversing and hanging out with me. I shouldn’t have to be the only person putting effort into the relationship.
One-word text messages annoy the hell out of me. And some people who I have talked to have the nerve to ask why I don’t respond to their one-word text messages!?!? Bitch because you sent one word. This isn’t an interview — this is a conversation. One-word responses indicate to me that you no longer want to talk. So neither do I.

Spies/Clingy People
If I wanted to be friends with Inspector Gadget or Austin Powers I would just hang out with my mom. Some people just overstep their boundaries and while the boundaries aren’t necessarily spoken of…it’s just common sense.
If you’re a friend, you don’t need to go through my phone. Also you don’t need to keep tabs on every thing I doing. Ugh.

Some people play/joke too much
Now I like to throw shade and play around, but I feel like I know where to draw the line. Some people don’t. They just keep going and going until they have to be cussed out. There is an art to throwing shade, learn it before doing it.


Overall, I think that this era of me trying to be friendlier is just a big headache honestly. I have been dragging some people through my life trying to make them work when they just aren’t going to work.


Thanks for entertaining my shit.


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