fry my eggs without a damn attitude

Yea you can help me you work her don't you? Oh, ok...
Yea you can help me you work her don’t you? Oh, ok…

Let’s get right to it. Bad customer service. I hate it. Especially if I am not giving any attitude or causing any type of problems. Yet the employee or whoever, is still the biggest pill. I understand everyone has a bad day and people might be in a bad mood. But if your in a bad mood EVERYDAY, then that’s not a mood, that’s just your stank ass personality. And you might want to get a job where you don’t have to deal with people. I’ve had jobs before where I had to deal with customers face to face. And I’m sure during every shift, at least one customer got on my nerves. Because they asked a stupid question or were acting helpless. And sometimes I would get an attitude, but I would only get an attitude with that customer. I’m fair..I don’t take out my frustrations out on everybody else. Unlike some of the line cooks at the cafeteria by my dorm.

So the cafeteria has a section where they serve hamburgers, breakfast foods, fries, etc. And the food is made to order. Well it’s not really MADE to order. The food is already cooked so all the employees behind the counter have to do is warm the food up on the grill and wrap it up. And if you order something with eggs then they’ll have to cook some eggs.

Now most of the employees are pretty nice. And I don’t need a lot. I don’t try to have conversations with the employees. All I ask is for you not to get an attitude when I ask for something off the menu. But two employees there aren’t professional enough to do that. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, because I have morning classes I like to go over to the cafeteria and get a fried egg sandwich. Which is two fried eggs, sausage, a piece of cheese and two slices of Texas toast. All the employees have to do is fry two eggs. The sausage is pre-made. So they just have to throw it on the grill for a couple of minutes. The sandwich takes no longer than 5 minutes to make. But from the reactions I get when I ask for the damn sandwich you would think it takes 5 years to make. Eye rolls and loud sighs. Because you have to fry some damn eggs? That’s all you have do. Fry some damn eggs and warm up some meat on the grill. ALL DAY. That’s all you have to do! Why do you have such a bad attitude — every day? And I don’t mind when employees ask “Can I help you?” instead of “May I help you?” I know both are grammatically correct. But some people have a huge problem with the first one. I don’t. Just don’t ask it with an attitude. Like I’m interrupting something. Yes you CAN help me don’t you work here? OK…Like if you don’t want to fry some damn eggs — grown ladies, then I’m sure their are plenty of students who will gladly take your jobs.

And these people have the easiest job. I know it’s rude to say someone’s job is easy… I guess it is. Idk. But it is easy. All they do is warm-up premade food. And when they’re not doing that they are either talking to each other or standing around. They probably are working for broke, but that’s not my fault. With those attitudes its no wonder they’re grown and still…..I’m not going to go there…And I’ve worked for broke before and I probably will again. But I didn’t take my payroll frustrations out on the customers. Bottom line if you don’t like your job and can’t act like you like it — find a new one or stay at home!

And I know this is petty and trivial like all of my post. I’m sure their is some bombing going on in some country or something else a lot more important than some trick rolling her eyes at me, but I’m petty and trivial so what do you expect.

“let’s see how those eyes look rolling down University St.” — Me


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