stop talking about yourself


My one pet peeve when texting someone…well I actually have many pet peeves when it comes to texting, but a BIG pet peeve of mine when I’m texting is people who only want to talk about themselves. Well I guess this applies for any type of conversation. Be it in person, over the phone, texting, whatever. I just taught about texting because recently I have been talking to this guy via text for about three weeks and I just realized that I have been interviewing this boy for three weeks. And I feel like this because I have noticed he only responds with answers and never ask me about any of my shit. Like if I ask him how his day is. He’ll say it was good or whatever then goes on about something stupid. And I will ask more questions about that. But he won’t ever show any interest in my life. And when I do occasionally wiggle some of my shit in there, he one ups me. You know those people who every time you talk about something you did they have to try to top you with something they did. Its annoying. And my whole life is a bore, BUT I’m not that bored to continue to entertain this. And it seems like everyone I text does this. Maybe I just talk too much. IDK. And the funny thing is he asked to text me, I didn’t ask to text him. If he wants to talk to himself all he has to do is go to WordPress and make a blog and do it on there. Like me. It’s free.


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