the gay windmill


The other day while I was being black and bored. I remembered one of my many weird and awkward job experiences that really got me thinking. I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s for about 3 years (sigh), and occasionally I would be put at the merchandise counter, which is the counter where people came to redeem their prizes. The prizes were little cheap toys that usually got lost or broken before the families got to their cars. And one day while I was working the counter a little boy came up with his ticket slip and was ready to redeem his prizes. Now anyone who has ever worked a prize counter at a place like Chuck E Cheese and sees a 5 year old coming up alone to redeem his prizes knows that its is going to be a long process. Little kids can’t count and they want everything but only would have 10 tickets. It is just easier when the parents come with them. Anyways, the little boy probably had enough tickets for like 2 things. So he chose them. One of the things he chose was like this little toy multi colored windmill. I gave him his prizes and he went back to his table. Maybe 2 minutes later his mom came up enraged.

“He’s a boy he can’t have this!” she yelled with pizza crust crusted on the corner of her lips. And threw the windmill in my face!

Hahaha ok she didn’t do all of that, but she was angry that I gave her child a “girl toy”. I was lost. First off the little boy chose the toy so that’s what he wanted and secondly I don’t know how a multi colored windmill is a “girl toy”. Yeah it’s not a truck or action figure ( he didn’t have enough tickets for either) but its not like a Barbie or clip on hair piece (yes Chuck E offered those as prizes).

I feel like I’m all over the place with the post but what’s new. My point is — why can’t people just let kids be kids? Now I don’t have any kids, so I’m not going to tell people what to do with their kids. But I just think it’s silly how crazy some parents go psycho over certain things, like what toys their kids play with. It’s not like a little boy is playing with knives if he plays with a toy that has some pink on it.

I remember when I was in high school one of my friends was telling me that her mom cuts the stick off of the suckers that her brother eats because she doesn’t want him to become gay. Sigh…now… if eating a sucker like your supposed to, turned people gay….wouldn’t practically everyone be gay? And a lot of parents at Chuck E. Cheese would not let their kids get suckers because they were boys. And the kids really wanted the suckers! People who think that letting their child play with a windmill or eat a sucker the proper way will “turn them gay” is beyond stupid. And its a shame that your child maybe being gay is your biggest concerned.

While parents are out here cutting suckers and yelling at minimum wage employees, they really need to be shielding their kids from themselves. Because being closed minded and an idiot is certainly more dangerous than being gay. And that is something that can actually be learned.

And if your child is gay they’re gay. They’re either going to be out and gay or closeted and gay. Either way, they’re going to be gay. You can cut up every sucker, burn every toy windmill, and the child will still grow up and be what they’re supposed to be. And if that is gay then that’s just the way it is.



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