If you have not read my original story about Fitness Nation the #SCAMGYM — read it here.

About a day after I sent all of the messages, I got a response. A manager called me while I was taking my daily nap.. and left a message asking me to call him back to discuss my membership. I called the gym back and the manager that left the message was out for lunch. Side note — One thing I hate. Is when I call a business to discuss something with someone like a manager perhaps and an employee tries to work the issue out with you. This employee who answered the phone could not just tell me that the manager was out and I should call back. He was determined to stick his face in my business and attempt to fix my problem. And he told me again about their bullshit 30 day rule. And then I had to go off…lord forgive me.

Anyways I got a call back from the manager about 30 minutes later. He asked me to tell him what my problem was…my level of frustration is steadily increasing –because did you not just call me about a email I wrote detailing my problem? Like isn’t my “problem” the reason we are talking in the first place. Deep Breath. So I pulled the email up on my computer and read it to him. Just kidding, I didn’t do that. Even though I probably should have because either he didn’t read the email or he didn’t comprehend the email… But I did pretty much just say what I wrote in the email. And he told me that they never got the letter. But he could cancel the membership right now. So if all you have to do is click a button or whatever to cancel my black ass membership then WHY couldn’t yall do that when I came in initially to cancel it  #SCAMGYM. And then make people wait 30 days (so they’ll be charged again) for their membership to canceled… Back to the letter situation, now this is two months later after I sent the letter. If they didn’t get the letter either I didn’t send it –which I did– or it got “lost” in the mail– which it didn’t. The post office that I sent the letter from is 10 minutes away from the gym so the letter should have gotten to them that day. And if there was information wrong on the envelope, the letter would have been sent back to my house — which it was not.

These people are lying. #SCAMGYM. They got that letter. — So I informed the manager how the postal service works and he fumbled over his words and then suggested it got lost. And I explained to him that my letter ordering your gym to stop charging me money “getting lost” is the perfect scenario for you, but that’s not what happened.  Finally I got tired of his lies and told him I needed a refund. He told me that me getting a refund was not possible….He said that there was nothing he could do now. (sure). And he said he would let me work out at the gym for a month. Even though I had paid 3 months of worth of fees. I told him I was hundreds of miles away for the umpteenth time. And he said I could call him when I get back in May to set up my membership…That’s not going to work for me. I hung up the phone.

I immediately called my bank and they launched an investigation or something of that manner to get my damn money back. I should report their asses to the better business bureau. I might…

Something tells me that this gym will not be around much longer. Not just because of my situation — My situation is just the top layer of “scandal” but I feel like they have multiple layers of bullshit that will blow up in their faces…. F U FITNESS NATION.

Ill update yall when their asses are out of business!


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