So this summer after I got a good ass job — ( that I got fired from shout out to Costco), my wallet was a little heavier and I decided that I wanted to get something that I have always wanted. A gym membership. Despite the fact that Costco had me outside every damn day slaving in the blazing Texas heat, pushing oversized carts for multiple hours.  I still wanted to exercise more,  just to kind of tone things up a bit. Since I knew that I was going to be going off to school in the fall, I didn’t want to get a long term contract….since I wouldn’t be there to use it…right..okay. So I  begin looking around and  all of the big chain gyms were automatically out (24 Hour Fitness, L.A. Fitness),they were way too much money and had long complicated contracts. So I began to look at smaller chain gyms. The good things about these gyms were that most were like $10 a month, but on the negative side they had hundreds of reviews about them being messy and overcrowded. Two things that I really didn’t want to deal with. So I continued to look and I found a diamond in the rough — Fitness Nation. (Yeah I said the  name of the gym, this blog has been built on pettiness so why stop now, shout out to Costco of North Fort Worth.) Anyways, Fitness Nation. It was a brand new gym that had only been open for about a year. They only had one location that was about 10 minutes away from my house. And they advertised that the membership is only $10 a month! Perfect. Since it was a pretty new gym their weren’t many reviews online about it, but the ones I did find all were positive. So I went in for a tour. The gym was nice. The equipment looked brand new, no one was there…, the staff was friendly and everything was very clean. I was very impressed. So I decided to go on and get the membership. So I sat down with the sales rep and the first thing I told him was that I would only need this gym for about 3 months because I was moving for school. He said ok.  The gym advertises that membership cost only $10 a month. But what they don’t advertise is the $100 initiation fee or that they’ll charge double your fee in October for “maintence” . So when I heard all of these hidden fees and this initiation fee of $100 I was headed for the door. I told the sales rep that I was not looking pay that much for a gym membership at this time. He stopped me and told me that he could “work something out”. He told me that I would only have to pay a $50 gym initiation fee and a $20 fee a month the membership. I was still iffy but I agreed and signed up. So he took my picture and I was ready to workout. Of the 3 months I went to this gym I never had a bad experience. The music that they blasted was horrible, but other than that there is really nothing that I can think of that turned me off.

Fast-forward to August. It was time for me to cancel my membership. I went up to gym and said that I wanted to cancel my membership and they told me… I would have to write a letter stating I wanted to cancel. Ain’t that some shit? Now I have never been a member of a gym before so I don’t know if this is the typical way that gyms ask you to cancel your membership or just #SCAMGYMS, but if I am standing in the gym, in the flesh, right there, in your face, saying I want no longer to be a member of this gym. It makes no sense at all for me to have to write a letter stating I want to cancel. If anyone knows why this is a thing PLEASE enlighten me because I don’t understand. Mind you, I was not told this when I signed up for the membership. So I went home and wrote a letter. It was actually the first letter I have ever written. And it was probably the shortest letter ever written. EVER. Here is an insert/or the entire letter ” My name is —– and I would like to cancel my membership” and I slipped my little gym card in the envelope and took it to the post office.

Fast-forward to September 1st. $20 was charged to my account from Fitness Nation in Arlington, Texas… I knew this was a mistake because  canceled my membership two weeks ago. I called up there and was told that it would take 30 days for my gym membership to be cancelled #SCAMGYM. I was not told this when they told me to write the letter. I was pissed. But after I was hung up on ! I kept cool and told myself ” it’s just $20″. Even though I am a broke college student, that doesn’t have a job so $20 damn dollars I a lot of damn money to me. I still kept cool like Jesus would want me to.

Fast-forward to October 2nd. I’m on my Wells Fargo app and see that Fitness Nation in Arlington on North Collins Street, has charged me $43 damn dollars. Oh no . Oh Hell NO. I know $43 dollars isn’t ALOT of money but I’m in college and  jobless, I already didn’t have any money when I came to this bitch and after a month in school I really don’t have any money. So I can’t have #SCAMGYMS charging me for memberships that I’m not using. So I wrote them an email, sent them a Facebook message, and when that sun peaks over the horizon they will get a phone call. In the email and FB message I ended it with a request for my money to be refunded because I’m getting my money back.

My black ass should have kept walking out of that door DAY 1 when they mention all of those hidden fees. And side note, when I went up there in August to tell them that I wanted to cancel my membership the guy at the desk said that I shouldn’t cancel it and just ” put my account on hold” so I wouldn’t have to pay the $100 initiation fee . Putting it on hold would be me only paying $10 instead of $20 a month for 9 months, not 5 months like the guy thought a school year was… So $90 for something I can’t even use. Did he not hear me when I said I was going to college? I can barely pay for my damn Spotify account. I don’t have any more room in my bank account for anymore charges and fees.

My mom always told me to GET MY MONEY. I remember days when I was younger and the grocery store with my mom and she would bang on the self check out machines at Kroger because they gypped her of a dime or even a penny. She always said if they take a dollar from you and they take a dollar from the next person and the next person and the next person, then they’ll have a whole bunch of money. But not this gym. Not Fitness Nation of Arlington, Texas. They will not take ANYMORE money from me. NOPE.

Once you start messing with my money you start messing with my emotions —


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