communal bathrooms

MTC showersThose who have been to college and have stayed in a dorm might know about the communal bathroom. If you don’t, well consider yourself lucky. Because communal bathrooms are the absolute worse. They’re like larger versions of porter potties, just with showers. They’re stinky, sticky, and covered with toilet paper. The showers are cold (most of the time), the drains are clogged with God knows what, people shave and leave their hair all over the place, and the funk that is axe body wash, assaults you every time you enter.

Now besides the smell of Axe or the hair (which is nasty but I guess people have to shave somewhere) my biggest problem with communal bathrooms, actually my biggest problem with any bathroom, is the toilet. Why don’t people flush? It just boggles my mind every time I walk into a stall (usually the handicap stall, I like to have space) and there is a coil of boo boo wading in the toilet water. I used to have to clean up a public kids restroom at my old job (deep breath) so I know what it’s like having to plunge piles of shit down a toilet because people are too trifling to flush. So I defiantly try to make it easier on the janitors, but some people obviously don’t care. Even if you just pee, still FLUSH! It’s really, really not that hard. And here all you have to really do is wave your hand in front of the censor and it’ll all go down. If you can’t wave your hand in front of a censor to flush your mess, then I think your restroom privileges should be revoked. Just hold it. Because sometimes I walk into these stalls and my jaw hits those nasty, sticky, germy floors because what I’m seeing sitting in these toilets is appalling.

Just the other day I walked in the bathroom and BAM! It wasn’t the usual Axe body wash I was smelling, it was POOP, grown man POOP all in my face. I walked further into the bathroom and slammed open the first door– nothing. I walked to the second stall slammed it open — nothing. Then I walked to the third stall, the last stall, the final stall, and slammed it open and AHHHHHH a big coiled up pile of shit not in the toilet water, but on that little ledge right before the water. So the smell was just wafting in the air. I was in complete disbelief that an actual human being, first could produce something this foul, second would leave something this foul right here in this community restroom when they know other people have to use these toilets. If I was the RA for this floor I would have taken a picture of the POOP, sent it to everyone’s email and said who ever committed this offensive act needs to clean it up.

It’s now  a day later and I’m still in disbelief at what I saw. That smell was just as strong at 5pm yesterday as it was at 1pm the next day, when the janitor had to come and clean the restroom. I’m not overreacting. My dorm is right in front of the bathroom, so when I heard the janitor lady coming down the hallway to clean the bathroom I looked out the peep-hole, and this poor lady was not ready. She walked in the bathroom, turned around, and the look on her face was one of pure disgust. She then begin to put on a mask, goggles, and gloves like she was going to treat Ebola patients, to clean a lowerclassmen dorms communal restroom.

This poop is crazy…..


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