stop talking about yourself

My one pet peeve when texting someone…well I actually have many pet peeves when it comes to texting, but a BIG pet peeve of mine when I’m texting is people who only want to talk about themselves. Well I guess this applies for any type of conversation. Be it in person, over the phone, texting, whatever. I just taught about texting because recently I have been talking to this guy via text for about three weeks and I just realized that I have been interviewing this boy for three weeks. And I feel like this because I have noticed he … Continue reading stop talking about yourself

the gay windmill

The other day while I was being black and bored. I remembered one of my many weird and awkward job experiences that really got me thinking. I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s for about 3 years (sigh), and occasionally I would be put at the merchandise counter, which is the counter where people came to redeem their prizes. The prizes were little cheap toys that usually got lost or broken before the families got to their cars. And one day while I was working the counter a little boy came up with his ticket slip and was ready to redeem … Continue reading the gay windmill


If you have not read my original story about Fitness Nation the #SCAMGYM — read it here. About a day after I sent all of the messages, I got a response. A manager called me while I was taking my daily nap.. and left a message asking me to call him back to discuss my membership. I called the gym back and the manager that left the message was out for lunch. Side note — One thing I hate. Is when I call a business to discuss something with someone like a manager perhaps and an employee tries to work the issue … Continue reading UPDATE: SCAM GYM


So this summer after I got a good ass job — ( that I got fired from shout out to Costco), my wallet was a little heavier and I decided that I wanted to get something that I have always wanted. A gym membership. Despite the fact that Costco had me outside every damn day slaving in the blazing Texas heat, pushing oversized carts for multiple hours.  I still wanted to exercise more,  just to kind of tone things up a bit. Since I knew that I was going to be going off to school in the fall, I didn’t want to get a long term contract….since I wouldn’t … Continue reading SCAM GYM

cissy houston forgot she had a job

Maybe the most hilarious piece of media to come out in the last couple of weeks is that of Cissy Houston singing   background for the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, during her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Cissy Houston was either not at the rehearsals or didn’t give two shits about doing her job. Or as my mother suggested, forgot she had a job. The funniest thing about the video is not that Cissy wasn’t singing, it was the look of pure irritation and disgust all over her face. She was looking like “this show is too late for … Continue reading cissy houston forgot she had a job

communal bathrooms

Those who have been to college and have stayed in a dorm might know about the communal bathroom. If you don’t, well consider yourself lucky. Because communal bathrooms are the absolute worse. They’re like larger versions of porter potties, just with showers. They’re stinky, sticky, and covered with toilet paper. The showers are cold (most of the time), the drains are clogged with God knows what, people shave and leave their hair all over the place, and the funk that is axe body wash, assaults you every time you enter. Now besides the smell of Axe or the hair (which is nasty … Continue reading communal bathrooms