they fired my black ass

So my last post was a rant about some drama that was going on at my job concerning an unexpected write up that my manager gave me. Picking up from where I left off, I said in the last post that I intended to have a discussion with my manager about the write up . I never got a chance to do so because they fired my black ass.

So let me break everything down. The write up occurred on a Monday. Honestly it was completely unexpected. In the 2 months I had been working in the store, never once has a manger told me that I had was slacking off or not doing my job. So for me to be slapped in the face with a write up pretty much saying my black ass has been chillin’ this whole time really pissed me off. But anyways I was scheduled to have Tuesday and Wednesday off. I came in on Thursday at 4 to clock for my shift and I immediately began to look for the assistant manger (the manager who wrote me up) because I wanted to get to the bottom of this whole write up situation. I really just wanted him to give me a specific incident of me not doing my job. If he could. (And he can’t). After a couple of hours of working I realized he was not there so I just figured I would wait until Friday to discuss the situation with him . So my shift went by like usual and of course I was roasting out in the parking lot for more than half of the shift. And 2 hours before I was scheduled to leave I was summoned into the office by the head manager of my department. Right then I new some shit was going to go down because I had maybe one or two words with this man since I started working there. He escorted my black sweaty ass into an office inside the main off to a sitting bald white man with a button down.I still am not quite sure who he was, I think he may have been the assistant to someone who is actually important. But anyways, I was told to be seated and he asked me how I thought my time at Costco had been going and I replied “fine”. And the rest is kind of just a blur. This man started rambling trying to set up some padding to catch me after he axed my ass. I really don’t remember most of what he said because I kind of was zoning out. I looked over at my coward ass manager bump up against the office wall staring into nowhere, with his hands behind his back and face flushed white like he just saw a ghost. Then the bald talking man said they have decided to let me go. I was not shocked because I couldn’t have figured why else I would be in the office. He then asked me for my employee badge and the free Costco card I was given. I only had one question before I left. “What did I do wrong?” . He told me that they were looking for someone more involved…..what the hell does that mean.  I know what the word “involved” means but how the hell do I become more involved when I’m only doing what I’m told to do. ALL I did was pack boxes and push carts. How much more involved was I supposed to get while doing those task? I had some good conversation with customers and made some good connections with most of the employees I my department. I did everything I did without complaining and was always very helpful. No I’m not the most talkative BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not doing my damn job. I was a lot more “involved” with the customers needs and wants than most of the employees that had been working for the company for 20 years and pretty much did and said whatever they wanted to people. And I got really fcking involved with those big ass carts and that fcking heat.

I honestly am not mad that I was fired, I am just mad at the way I was fired. Like if your going to fire me, fire me over some shit that I actually did. I worked my ass off every day I was working, so them saying I pretty much wasn’t doing my job really is what pisses me off. The fact that I didn’t kiss the head managers ass defiantly has something to do with me getting fired. I wasn’t rude to him, we just didn’t talk and that’s mostly because I hardly ever saw him. But I always sensed an elated level of sensitivity in him just from his mannerisms.

Also during my firing the bald talking man suggested I could give Costco another try in the future. I have too much pride for that. I would have to be extremely desperate to go back to that store and ask for my job back and be led again by that horrible management.

And the reason why I wasn’t really mad about being fired in general was because 1. I would have to leave in about a month anyways for school 2. the store I worked at was 30 minutes from my house and I would have to leave at least an hour, sometimes an hour and a half earlier to beat traffic 3. the management was horrible and lazy, seeing 6 people huddle over a clipboard for 6 hours everyday is frustrating especially when shit actually has to get done. And I hate working for sensitive managers. Most of the time their decisions are based on emotions rather than actual job performance… 4. I was tired of those rude ass cashiers. Most of the cashiers have been working there for like 50 years and they pretty much have forgotten all of their dreams and aspirations in life and have given their souls to Costco and run around that store with sour ass attitudes because cashiering sucks but they can’t leave because they have no other employable skills 5. I will never push another cart that ain’t mine again. My black ass is getting an inside job because pushing carts in 100 degree heat is absolutely ridiculous. 6. I hated the way they stretched my little part time hours across 5 days every week. I am a part time employee why am I working almost everyday.

So those are all the reasons I can think of right now. And I honestly have no problem with Costco as a company. The pay and loose uniform policy was nice. My problem is with the wack ass management and staff at the store I was working at. But I know that this firertion is just a set up for bigger and better things in my life and career. And it really has motivated to start my own shit even more than before because working for other people is some BS.

Once again thanks for entertaining my shit and Costco of North Fort Worth you can kiss my black ass forever and always 🙂


4 thoughts on “they fired my black ass

  1. Wow, the way they fired you seems unfair. Was anyone there aware that you were leaving for school in a month?… If so, that could be the reason.

    I made the mistake of being upfront about when I was leaving for school and I didn’t get the job at all. I think they see it as training being wasted when it could go to someone who’s willing to stay for years vs. months.


    1. A few co-workers in my position knew that I would be leaving, but I as far as I know none of the managers besides the one who hired me knew that I would be. And the store manager that hired talked to me about the Costco where my school was and told me that I could transfer and work there while I was in school. But yeah I’m sure most companies would rather hire people who can stay long term, which kind of sucks for those who are in school. And when I was in the interview I told them that I just wanted a seasonal summer job but they hired me as part time anyways. So I don’t know lol

      1. Thank goodness for other opportunities because THAT place didnt seem like the right atmosphere for you. I hope you find a good fit.:-)


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