the roommate from Stankonia

After receiving the 3rd letter from a University saying I wouldn’t be admitted — I became desperate. I was determined to move out of my parents house. My brother got  accepted to a university and moved out, all of my cousins did the same thing and then their is me. I graduated in the top 50% of a class of about 600, I made A’s and B’s throughout my whole high school career — I guess you could say I was an average student. My downfall came in the form of the SAT, which is a whole other story. So anyways I didn’t have the criteria to get accepted to any in-state university so I had to look further and beyond. Community college was my next option. At that point I decided I could just suck it up and live at home for one semester and go to the school up the street. But an intense, sassy/nagging  type of pressure, in the form of my mom began to weigh on me and I felt somewhat obligated to leave the house because I wasn’t in high school anymore. So I did some research and found some community colleges that had dorms. I sent in an application and within a few hours I was accepted via email.

Fast-forward to move in day. The dorms at this particular college were suite style. Each room had 3 rooms, a living area,  and 2 bathrooms. In total each suite held 5 people because one room only had one bed. The rooms were really small. The rooms that contained two people only had enough room for 1 desk and 1 drawer. Other than that the layout wasn’t that bad.

Now fast-forward to he good part. Honestly I was very nervous about living in a house with 4 other people. Simply because I really don’t like people. However upon meeting my roommates my anxiety was suppressed because they all seemed pretty cool —- for about the first week.

Music:  My suite mates down the hall and their damn music. They blasted music all hours of the day and night. It was so loud the walls would shake and they usually played the same song over and over again.

Door: Eventually I just stopped answering the front door. I have a pet peeve about how people knock on doors. The louder someone knocks the less likely I am to open up the door. This college had a lot of door bangers and it was so fun to not open the door for them.

Smoking: Now I’m hella trashy myself but smoking inside a house with other people around is trashier than me. Everyone of my roommates smoked and smoked ALOT. Weed, cigarettes, blacks , everything. And I don’t have a problem with smoking but just don’t do it around me — or my stuff.

Stank: Where do I begin…..That dorm fucking stank!  And it wasn’t because everyone  had an odor problem. Only one person did and he just happen to be in the same room as me. My roommate was on the football team so he would have a lot of practices and workouts. So when he came back to the room he would smell very bad, which is understandable. What is not understandable is why he would wash his clothes in the sink with watered down hand soap and hang his clothes: over the door, on the door knobs, on the bed post, on the desk, on the couch arm, on the bathroom sink, on the shower rod, on the toilet, on the stairs outside the suite and everywhere fucking else. And because he didn’t properly wash the clothes, they would dry and whatever room they were in would smell like funk. Why he didn’t take his clothes to the laundry mat —  which was on campus — and wash his clothes the right way, I don’t know. He had money, he spent at least 20-30 dollars on weed and alcohol each week.

Overall the dorm was just nasty. I was the only one who put a brush to that toilet or a towel to that mirror. Dirty containers lined with old food and mysterious liquids in them would line the bathroom sinks. The R.A.’s would even come in and complain about the smell, which as embarrassing to me because I take pride in being clean and smelling good.

Side note: I don’t know anybody personally who has dreads but I don’t think it’s normal for dreads to just fall out of your head. He stank so much even his dreads didn’t want to hang around…

Anyways I got fed up with living with a bunch of pigs, so I transferred after one semester to the college right up the street. Where my black ass should have been the whole damn time.

Below are some pictures of the stank. I didn’t take many pictures but these should give you a sniff of what the rest looked like.





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