there ain’t no party like an S Club party!!!!!

While everyone else my age was twerking and popping mollies over spring break, I spent my whole break dancing and singing with the greatest band to come from Britain ever — none other than S Club.   And yes I said dancing and singing WITH, because their greatness is omnipresent — kinda like Jesus. Years ago when I was maybe 5 or 6. For Christmas my dear Aunt Janet got me the very first S Club cd and my life was forever changed. My five year old black ass self had never heard music so groovy and funky, yet inspirational and encouraging, ever in my whole young life. And I still haven’t! Just to hear grown ass people sing lyrics that sound like they were inspired by my 2nd grade daily journal entries was amazing to me. I thought they were the coolest adults ever. S Club also use to have a TV show that aired every Saturday on ABC Family. Where I fell even more in love with their British accents. And Bradley (the black guy) and those big black ass arms (even at 6 I had a thing big  arms)…

Anyways after about the 2nd album the group began to loose steam and eventually ended up disbanding. But rumors has it that the group is planning a comeback. Now as much as I love this group someone needs to stop this shit from happening. They were strange enough being 22 or 23 singing about best friends and rainbows to a hip hop beat but being 36 and 37 is just creepy. And they definitely can’t “get down tonight” like they used to. Actually for a while  3 members were touring as S Club …. Bradley (the black guy) was one of them and now not only does he have big arms but a big ole belly too (sigh). I just would like to remember S Club for what they were and not for what they are.

And Jesus wept. — The S Club 2014 Reunion Tour Preview


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