foody: the bacon insider


Since I’ve been having a hard time thinking of things in my boring life to blog about. I’ve decided to do a food review ! Exciting… Like most Americans I love food. Especially in four forms: Fried, Cheap, Greasy, and Fast.Which is why I’m such a huge fan of Jack in the Box.

About 4 years ago, around the time when I had my first job, is when Jack in the Box began to bless my life. After a long, tiresome day at work and it’d be like 11 or 12 at night I’d need something especially fast and cheap to eat. And anyone who knows Jack in the Box knows if they aren’t anything else; they are fast and cheap. My usual order would read something like: a burger, four tacos, fries, and a chicken sandwich. The total would always be under $5.  Jack pot!

I used to go to JITB at-least 4 times a week. After I began to get raises and work more hours, I got fancy and stopped going to Jack in the Box as much. I wanted to enjoy some of the finer fast food in life — Whataburger…hell even McDonalds. I’m going to be honest, JITB is pretty close to last in line when it comes to the quality of fast food. JITB isn’t BAD but isn’t GOOD either. Just cheap and in between. Some items are worse than others. For example the tacos, they’re so cheap (2 for $1) it’s hard to resist not ordering them but, they will defiantly, most likely, probably, give you the shits…for days. So beware.

Since I’m currently unemployed and a broke community college student Jack in the Box has made it’s way back in my life. Funny how that happened. JITB has recently been promoting a string of new items including the “Bacon Insider”, “Monster Taco”, “Fish Fillet”, and “Sweet Potato Fries”.  I will only be reviewing the “Bacon Insider”  because that is the only one I had a coupon for. And I hate sweet potato fries. And I’m deathly afraid of what a fish fillet from JITB would taste like. I’m not the bald headed man or that annoying model lady from Top Chef so I won’t being using big fancy words or talking about texture. I’ll be grading on —  taste of course, smell and looks… that’s it.

The “Bacon Insider”


Below is a description of the “Bacon Insider” from

Jack’s newest creation is a bacon triple threat. A juicy beef patty mixed with savory pieces of bacon. This new bacon and beef patty is sandwiched between hickory smoked bacon and topped with creamy bacon mayo, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese. All served on our new soft warm brioche bun. This burger is sure to make you want to “bring home the bacon.”

Yep that’s right not only is their bacon strips on the burger but bacon has also been combined with the hamburger patty. And on top of that their is a coating of creamy bacon mayo.

Needless to say the “Bacon Insider” has a shit load of bacon.

In the looks category I’ll give it a A-. As you can see from the picture above, the physical “Bacon Insider” looked pretty good. It actually looked almost identical to the picture on the ads. Which is a rare occurrence in fast food.

In the smell category I’ll give it an A  — I guess. It didn’t really smell like anything…hmm

In the taste category I’ll give it an A as well. The factor I was concerned about the most was the bacon mayo. Because I don’t like mayo and bacon mayo sounds gross but, I actually barely could taste the mayo. And the little I did taste was actually pretty good.

The burger is a artery clogger. It has a lot of bacon and if your a fat ass like me you’ll LOVE IT!!


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